Understanding current issues and anticipating future problems.

Avencia is the Majencia watch and benchmark division. It closely monitors society, innovations and clients, on the lookout for social changes, new ways of working and design trends. By identifying these key issues, we can offer better support in creating sustainable and relevant design.

Trends & Prospective

The "Majenius du Design" is an innovative and forward-thinking design competition for workplaces. This competition was launched by Majencia in partnership with Ecole Boulle in 2012 for students studying Product and Furniture Design as part of their Applied Arts Diploma (Diplôme Supérieur d'Arts Appliqués).



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Our case studies

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Inspirez-vous http://www.majenius-design.com/ Research and Benchmark Division </br>(new work practices, design trends, etc.)


@Majencia [HAPPINESS DESIGN] Une approche par l’usage plutôt que par la propriété! Découvrez notre livre blanc sur Happiness… https://t.co/XIcMeXRf7P go to tweet
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@Majencia [WORKSPACE EXPO 2018] Encore un grand MERCI à vous tous de votre visite et à très vite dans notre nouveau showroom… https://t.co/JcOV7Sqv6m go to tweet
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@Majencia [RSE] #Majencia, une des toutes premières entreprises françaises à avoir été évaluée ISO 26000 avec la note "Maturi… https://t.co/neM35spyws go to tweet
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