Waste and recycling bins

The average office employee produces between 120 kg and 140 kg of waste every year. Waste management is a major issue for all. Our offer ranges from simple bins to comprehensive recycling solutions.

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Trivia 2 bin

This simple bin makes it easier for staff to recycle and collect waste. Its elegant design slots into the workplace and promotes environmentally-responsible behaviour.

Recycling bin

This functional bin is for collective recycling in your offices.

Office bins

Understated and discreet waste paper bins. These bins are a must-have in any office to promote recycling.

Pick up bin

This large-capacity bin is a strong and elegant recycling solution for staff.

Cartoon bin

This 100% recycled and recyclable bin encourages users to sort their waste.

Waste paper bin

This popular and discreet bin is suited to all workplaces.

Fenix bin

This simple and discreet bin can adapt to any workspaces.


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